IV All-Russian Business Forum
“Russian Environmental Parks”

February 25-26, 2020

Moscow, Ilyinka street, 6/1, bld. 1, Congress Center


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multiple waste types recycling technologies in Russian environmental parks and worldwide

existing environmental parks and perspective projects development in this area

legal environmental parks’ operation support, legislative framework changes

the best Russian and international waste recycling technologies and equipment



  • government and business interaction conferences in the waste recycling field
  • environmental parks’ best practices conference
  • various waste types recycling and appliance practical sessions
  • extended producer responsibility and tariff regulation round tables


Government bodies and business representatives as well as the leading experts are invited to take part in the Business Forum.

The state programs heads in the ecology, nature management and waste management field as well as the leading expert organizations’ top officials will speak there.

Dmitry N. Kobylkin

Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation

Denis V. Manturov

 Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation

Alexey G. Matyukhin

Head of the Department for Regulation of Housing and Public Utilities of Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation

Sergey N. Katyrin

President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Alexey V. Makrushin

Deputy CEO, "Russian Environmental Operator" Public Law Company

Natalya S. Belyaeva

Deputy Chairman, Ecology Committee, "Business Russia"; CEO, "Delphi" LLC

Olga A. Filchenkova

Head of the Department of Environmental Economics, Financial and Economic Support Department, Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation

Ildar A. Neverov

Chairman, Nature Management and Ecology Committee, "Business Russia"; CEO, «Ecotechnopark» LLC; member of Rosprirodnadzor's Public Council

Oksana N. Tolstokorova

Advisor of Solid Municipal Waste Division of Urban Environment Department of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation

Sergey A. Korotkov

Director in the Russian Federation, United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Ekaterina M. Ozerova, PhD

Deputy CEO, "Hydrocor" Construction Company

Within participation in the Business Forum, you will able to:

learn about current and emerging regulatory acts, governing the environmental parks activities and providing the integrated waste recycling

learn the existing and perspective ways to get economic benefits due to the waste involvement as material resources and their recycling products in economic turnover

become familiar with both existing and perspective various waste types utilization and appliance technologies in Russian Federation and abroad


Business Forum Events

Day 1

Day 2

Plenary Session “Environmental Parks in 2020 in the Current Russian Federation Waste Management System”

The environmental recycling parks role in the integrated waste management system in the Russian Federation. Legal, investment and legislative project implementation grounds.

Round Table “Tariff Regulation and its Impact on the Regional Operators’ Work”

New municipal solid waste management system main aspects. The municipal solid waste tariff rates approval procedure given the population’s, regional operators’ and municipal waste management’s interests. Settlement practices and comparative analysis of new tariff rates.

Round Table“Environmental parks’ best practices”

Environmental parks’ key goals and objectives. New environmental parks projects, various waste recycling best practices in Russian parks and worldwide. Environmental parks as a comprehensive waste management system development object with the latest technologies, equipment and science potential implementation.

Round Table “Producers’ extended responsibility for all waste types”

Regulatory legal acts development, governing the extended producer responsibility and environmental fees payment. The extended producer responsibility appliance best practice, required and sufficient reporting. Enhanced liability for environmental offenses.

Round Table “Secondary resources appliance projects implementation”

The companies’ best practices analysis, engaged in the products manufacturing with the maximum secondary resources involvement, given the Russian Federation’s Government Orders requirements dated July 25, 2017 No. 1589-r, on the phased prohibition of such secondary resources disposal as scrap metal, plastic, waste paper, rubber, glass , electronic scrap, batteries, waste oils.

Round Table “Municipal solid waste disposal projects implementation”

СModern, safe and perspective municipal waste disposal methods, including food, medical, biological and others, as well as individual fractions after municipal solid waste sorting.


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